Brazil Brau grows by 31% in 2017

Data: 02/AGO/2017

Major event of the brewing industry in Latin America, International Fair of Beer Technology closes its 14th largest and busiest edition


Brasil Brau - International Fair of Beer Technology, held from July 26 to 28 in São Paulo, ends this year's edition with encouraging figures for both the market and the next edition of the event. Over the three days, the fair received a 31% higher and more qualified audience, since it implemented a new admission policy aimed at restricting the visitation to professionals in the sector. Out of the 73 exhibitors, 20% are international ones. "We’ve launched the 2019 edition with a 30% renewal of exhibitors", reveals Luana Cloper, Business Director of Brazil Brau.


The number of exhibitors in 2017 remained stable in relation to 2015, but the area occupied by the booths was 25% larger. "Even with a more complex scenario for import due to the exchange rate and instability of the country, we managed to keep  the international character of the fair, which was attended by nine other countries besides Brazil, especially Germany, China, the United States and Argentina," says Luana. Out of the brands which were present, 58% were machinery and equipment and 10% were raw materials. For Marcelo Cozac, representative of McPack Equipamentos, "the show exceeded expectations, because we felt more interest from the audience in investing. Maybe 6, 8 years ago the visitors wanted to invest but they did not. Today they want, they came with this purpose. "And Marcio Nunes, commercial director of Prozyn Bio Solutions For Life, summarizes:" The show has been improving its audience targeting every edition. This year, we felt the increase of micro-breweries and it was an opportunity to resume projects that were stopped, in addition to getting it touch with new customers. "


Brasil Brau’s attendance also registered considerable growth. There were 5,942 professionals who were present at the fair - the equivalent of 31% more than 2015. "I went to the event because I intend to start a brewpub and I was happy with several ideas and possible paths to the project, it was very worthwhile," shares Bruna Xerfan. An important part of the program, the 15th Brazilian Congress of  Brewing Science and Technology attracted a 21% larger audience. With Cilene Saorin's technical curatorship, since 1988, the forum has been a pioneer in scientific and technological debates in the country in this sector. In order to define the themes of the debates in 2017, for the first time, a public consultation was held with 500 professionals of the sector. The congress was sponsored by Agrária and McPack.


"The 2017 edition of Brasil Brau Congress  was revealing. The audience was very receptive to the proposal of lectures that ranged from traditional basics to technical updating, technological innovations, sensory management, and provocative approaches to the feasibility of hop planting in Brazil, the knowledge of Brazilian biomes and the sustainability and social responsibility agenda. The profile of this audience has been greatly renewed: a new generation of professionals related to the beer business was revealed in this edition. Most participants have less than 10 years of professional experience " , Cilene Saorin says.


In addition to the numbers, there is another important fact. For the first time, Fagga GL events Exhibitions assumes 100% the Brasil Brau and Degusta Beer & Food brands - a trade show aimed at the end user that takes place in parallel at São Paulo Expo. So far, the company, which is one of the largest in promoting and organizing trade shows in the country, had been promoting these events. But from now on, it has become the owner of both brands.



Another highlight this year is the resumption of the Brazil Brau Award for Beer Business Management. After a four-year break, the organization decided to embrace the cause of encouraging professionalization of beer business management. "Many festivals award the beer itself, the liquid, we want to fulfill another role in the market". The first place in Packaging Design went to Perro Libre (RS), with the 803 Black Rye IPA beer, dedicated to the anti-sexist cause. In the category Communication in the Brewing Culture, the winner was Revista da Cerveja, with the work "Consolidation of a project". The best Sustainability project went to Lohn Bier, with the work "Good Practices Generate Good Vibrations". And the Social Responsibility award went to the work "Feelings of Brazilian Style", by Cia de Brassagem do Brasil (CBB).


Packaging Design
1st Perro Libre (RS) - 803 Black Rye IPA Beer
2nd Baumhardt Bier
3rd Cervejaria Farrapos

Communication in the Brewing Culture
1st Revista da Cerveja (Consolidation of a Project)
2nd Belgo Bekaert Arames (Brazil Beer)
3rd Acerva Paranaense (Acerva Paraná Newsletter)

1st Lohn Bier (Good Practices Generate Good Vibrations)
2nd Cervejaria Pratinha (Solar Energy and algae photobioreactor)
3rd MyGrowler (Product Ressignification for Sustainability)

Social Responsability
Cia de Brassagem do Brasil (CBB) - “Feelings of Brazilian Style”

During the show, professionals from the sector walked around Brazil Brau for the three days were invited to vote for the Best Launch presented at the show and also the Most Beautiful Booth. For the audience, the most striking environment was Agrária’s, while the water filtration solutions for the industry, from the German manufacturer Bollfilter impressed people by its innovation, perspective of saving resources and also environmental benefits.


Brasil Brau 2019

The next edition of the trade show is already launched. Brazil Brau 2019 will take place from May 28 to 30 at the São Paulo Expo. "We've had a 30% refresher of exhibitors this year and we've decided to work with a more comprehensive scope from the next edition on. We want to offer a platform that covers all steps, from product development and liquid design to delivery of the beer to the final consumer. This means that in addition to the production equipment and solutions, we want a wider range of suppliers with solutions for bottling, packaging, storage, logistics, distribution, services and communication for outlets" says Luana Cloper.

Mobilization of the sector

Brasil Brau opened its doors to host the official meeting of the Brazilian Association of Craft Beer (Abracerva) to elect its new board of directors. The new management will be chaired by Carlo Giovanni Lapolli, from Itajahy brewery in Santa Catarina, who is willing to implement processes to facilitate the adhesion of new members and create strategies to involve different regions of the country in the demands of the organization.


Degusta Beer & Food

Breweries and brands linked to the production and service of beer were also featured at Degusta Beer & Food, which took place in parallel with Brau Brasil, from July 26 to 29. 52 exhibitors attracted 5,357 visitors to the event aimed at the consumer audience, with about 600 national and international labels that could be tasted. In addition to conferring launches and creations direct from the producers, the participants were able to attend lectures and workshops. A novelty in this edition was the Brewhouse, which was open to interaction with the public. "It was such a cool experience for everyone involved, especially on Friday and Saturday, when we had a lot of interaction with the audience. Some people who are testing things at home had the opportunity to ask several questions, "says Júlia Reis, from Sinnatrah Cervejaria-Escola (Sinnatrah Brewing School), which was a partner in the initiative along with the Association of Artisan Brewers (AcervA), MCA Equipamentos - which provided the equipment - and Agrarian , that supplied the raw materials.

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